Are You Tired of Suffering in Silence?

It can be demoralizing to struggle with the same problem, year after year, that you just can’t seem to fix. Old problems can have a way of popping up over and over again, until you get to the root of the issue. There are times when we need to reach out beyond ourselves to do the deep work that will allow us to make a lasting change.

No matter what you may be struggling with,we all do our best to manage our problems and succeed in the world. No one makes it to middle age, without developing strategies to deal with our problems. However, these strategies can break down as the circumstances of our lives change. They may stop working as well, or they may fail to help us with new problems that we are facing.

You might prefer to keep problems close, because you don’t think others would understand. Or maybe you feel that you have to be strong for your family, so you bury problems deep. The problem is: Without doing the deeper work, these problems will persist.

Problems that are stuffed away have a tendency to creep back into awareness, more powerful than ever. It can affect our moods, our sense of self, our relationships, and even our physical health.

The Good News is that “There is Hope!”

I specialize in individuals in early mid-life to break free from the long standing problems that have been keeping them from living rich, full, happy lives.

No matter where you are on your journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth, I can help you to tune into older and deeper patterns that have been standing in your way. This new understanding will enable us to help you to make the changes that will lead to a better second half of life.

With a deeper, more insight-oriented approach to therapy, I can help you to discover who you are and help you to live your life in a more integrated, authentic way.

I can help you to end destructive relationship patterns that are leaving you feeling disconnected and unfulfilled.

The Best Time to Act is Now – Contact me Today

The best way to reach me is by calling my cell phone at 720-441-3690. If you arrive at my voicemail please leave me a message, including a contact number and some preferred times to connect with me to see if working together would be a good fit.

You can also email me at so that we can arrange a time for an initial phone consultation. Please include a preferred contact number in your email.

The Center for the Connected Self is conveniently located along the central corridor near I-25 and Colorado Blvd. Contact me today to take the first step in creating a healthier, more connected life for yourself. It is never too late to change the course of the rest of your life.